Friday, January 23, 2009

Babymoon Flutters

Ivan and I are on our much deserved babymoon.  It's been so great relaxing here on Oahu.  Before our trip I was a little worried that I wasn't feeling him at all.  "Flutters" or "butterflies" is what everyone would told me it would feel like.  As you know I am very impatient (working on that).  The last couple of days I have been feeling the actual flutters!   I have been feeling him more at night when I'm winding down.  Last night when we were lying down I put Eye's hand on my belly.  I took several deep breaths saying in my head, "Okay baby, move for Daddy,"  and HE DID!!!  The look on Ivan's face was priceless.  It was a look of "Wow!!!" and "Oh sh*t this is real!"  Then he went to my belly and started talking to the baby.  He loved the sound of Daddy' s voice!  He actually kicked harder.  It was such an amazing moment to have with Eye.  I actually felt like it was the first time the  3 of us connected, it was amazing.


Diva Las Vegas said...

Look how cute you look!!! Isn't it just amazing, feeling the baby move!!?! What a miracle it all is! Enjoy the last week of your Babymoon!


The Best Baby said...

I am so Happy you are enjoying your Babymoon.....yeah ...I remember 5 months...... Now, I am upon the eve of my due date! And Instead of "What's Happening?" its....When is this Happening?" lol Thank you for your love and support. I'll keep you posted.

P.S Your Belly!!!! :)

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