Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Nainoa is LOVING his swimming class. Yesterday we actually submerged him underwater. I was extremely nervous that he was going to swallow a bunch of water and come up hating the water. When he came up he didn't cry. He was just trying to get the water out of his eyes. Nainoa went from Dadda back to me about 3 times. We gave him lots of praise, lots of smiles and lots of high pitched yeaaas. I hid the fact that I was completely freaked out. I'm so proud of my little fish!

So the debate between the Lolos recently is actually how young I started swimming. First they told me it was 18 months. My baby album says 8 months. Lolo said I was swimming before I was walking. He said that I could barely stand on my own and that I was fearless when it came to jumping into the water.

Lola looks like she had the same fear that I had yesterday. Look at little Glo cheering me on!

My instructor at the Y was named Elaine. Thanks Elaine!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Lolo!

Last night we celebrated Lolo's 79th birthday. My brother (who's recovery is fantastic) and Pam drove down from L.A. and we had a nice time at dinner. I felt incomplete a bit without Dadda and Auntie Gloria. I am so thankful for Lolo. He is so in love with Nainoa and he takes such good care of him when Eye and I are out. I could not do what I do without him.

Thank you Lolo for all your love and showing me that there are good men in this world. I love you so much.

Doesn't my brother look great?

Look at Nainoa's two teeth! One more is cutting on the bottom.
He's also reading the cocktail menu.

Hmmm Martini straight up or Pinot?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

11 Months!

Nainoa is 11 months today! We had a great day. We started out banging on some pots and pans. He was more interested in walking around with the pan and bowl than playing them. After he got up from a much needed nap we went to his first swim class today at Bubble Swim School. He LOVED the water. Our instructor Dominique was great. We sang songs and practiced kicking our legs, reaching and pulling with our arms, humming, getting out of the pool, and scaling the side. At one point she asked, "Is he a really calm baby or does he just love the water?" We proudly replied, "BOTH!" Apparently most babies cry their first time in the pool. The only time Nainoa fussed is when we were practicing floating on his back. By that time he was done. The 20 minutes went by really fast. I was so happy that Nainoa loved the water. I mean after all his Mommy learned how to swim at 18 months and his parents are both Pisces!

This picture is Dom trying to say Nanioa's name. She kept on saying, "Nai-oa."

Monday, April 19, 2010

Crabby Little King

Nainoa had his first fever this weekend. He was crabby, fussy, and had no appetite. I tried not to freak out because I know that a fever is our bodies way of healing itself. I learned this week from my anatomy class when the temperature in our bodies rises it means that the all the neutrophils and lymphoctyes (white blood cells) are literally eating, killing and destroying all the bad stuff. So after texting my other mamma friends (thanks everyone) all weekend I tried not to worry. Today is the first day Nainoa didn't wake up with a fever. He seems to be over his little bug.

The picture above was originally a card sent from Tutu. I wanted a Hawaiian type invitation for his baby luau next month. I think it turned out pretty funny. I am getting excited that I am going to see all my friends and ohana next month. The best part is that Tutu is coming from Hawaii!!!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

Snowwy Easter

Since Eye has been traveling with Dan every weekend we decided to tag a long since he was going to Tahoe for Easter. The best part of the trip was spending quality time Mish, Eddie and Kai. We ate, played in the snow and sat back stage with our kids and watched Uncle Danny be funny. I can't believe it was almost six months since we saw each other! It was so nice to get away and actually spend time as a family too. What a great Easer weekend.

Family photo

Can you see Nainoa's tooth?

Having breakfast with Auntie Mish and Kaiyayai

They day we left we got a lot of snow.

South Lake Tahoe

Nainoa's first concert. He fell asleep but woke up for Single Ladies. Kaiyayai stayed up just to watch that number. Everytime a song ended Kaiyayai would ask, "Is it Single Ladies yet?"

Uncle Danny feeding Nainoa

RNO to LAS. Nainoa is such a great traveler so far. He slept the whole hour an ten minutes.

It's here finally!

I haven't posted in weeks. Here's the first installment of many posts to come. About two weeks ago Nainoa's top front tooth started to come in and now he's getting two more! He's been fussy here and there and up a bit more at night but over all he's still a happy boy.

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