Wednesday, September 30, 2009

17 Weeks

17 Weeks

Nainoa is 17 weeks today! He's getting so big that the boppy is squeezing his belly. He has definitely found his voice. The sound of his high pitch shrill is pretty funny to me. His eyes squint and he gets so happy after he let's it out. He likes his tummy more and he's starting to dislike being on his back. He wants to see the world!

my baby kangaroo

Now that his head is pretty strong. He's been able to be in the kangaroo position. Nainoa LOVES it! He likes to look around and see everything from this outward facing position. Look at him....he is just so adorable!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Stomp Mammas, I love you

I was so happy and so sad this weekend. My BFFN (best friend forever neighbor) Rocky came up from L.A. with her son, Marley and her husband Ahmed. It was Rocky's birthday and we had a great night with her family and Birdie's family. (More pics on Raising the Best) We all have been dying to get our son's together for their first band practice.

MNM Band
(Marley, Nainoa, Makai)

It was so awesome for me to have us all under one roof. We all got engaged in the same month, then we all got married and had babies just months apart. I just kept saying to myself, "I wish we all lived in the same city!!!" Since Birdie moved to NYC today, it was an extra special night for all of us. I was in heaven, the only one missing in the equation was Mish & Kai. I have learned to deal with Rocky and Mish living so far away. (Thank GOD for video chatting.) But today I was just devastated when Birdie left for NYC. She was my closest girlfriend I have in Vegas, my BFFVN. We grew really close these past 3 years. It was so nice to have a mommy friend that was a TRUE friend, someone I have known for years. Vegas seemed doable knowing that I had Birdie and Makai so close by. I am just so sad today, I just want to throw myself a little pity party. I am thankful for my parents and other close friends being here, but today I just feel so lonely. I do have other girlfriends that I love and cherish, but there is a deeper level of understanding with women who have children. Today I just want to run to L.A. so I can be close to my sister, and close to Rocky. I am a girls girl. I NEED the love and support of women. I am so so sad that Birdie left today. Anyone wanna come to my pity party? I need company since the only one at the party is me.

Birdie's first time holding Nainoa!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Lead By Example

Today I mustered enough courage to actually go to a dance audition. I have never been to a dance audition in Vegas. Thinking about it, I haven't been to a dance audition in over 5 years. I saw the breakdown a couple of days ago and just dismissed it by saying to myself, "Ugh..NO WAY am I going to go. I haven't danced in years! I don't even remember how to spot. What is a pirouette anyways? Where the hell is my center? I am definitely NOT at my pre-pregnancy weight to wear something sexy-body-conscious. What if they all laugh at me? I'm to OLD to audition!" I can go on and on and on. I basically was scared. Scared of realizing how much my dancing body has changed. I was scared of what people would think of me. As I stared at my son, I then thought about what I would say to Nainoa when he was scared to try out for the football team or band or whatever he wanted. I could hear myself saying, "Honey don't worry about what other people say. Even if you don't get, it's about trying your best. As long as you try than that's what counts."


At that moment feeling like a big hypocrite, I realized that I needed to lead by example. I needed to go to that audition to prove to myself that I can do all the things I will one day encourage my son to do. Face fears. Go for things that you are scared of. Who cares if people laugh at me? Who cares if I fall on my face. I least I tried and I did the best that I can do.

So I got all dolled up, straightened my hair, actually shaved my legs and drove my butt down to that audition. I stared at all the TALL Vegas show girl dancers, the short YOUNG dancers. Yes I even heard, " Duh I'm not born in 1979...I'm born in 1990..I can't believe I wrote that..." Younger than me, taller than me, skinnier than me....I wanted desperately to turn around but I didn't. I will not quit now. What would my son think of me? I cannot be that hypocrite. F@#! everyone, I am staying here and dancing.

Then I heard a distraught young girl say..."5'6 or taller! Can you believe that!"

SIGH! I get to go home!!! As all the shorty dancers picked up their bags to go home, I actually was proud of myself. At least I tried, I am not a hypocrite after all.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Two Peas in a Bumbo

Nainoa Pema

I just had to share a picture of Nainoa's girlfriend Pema in her Bumbo. Pema is 2 weeks older than Nainoa. Yea...he's into older babies.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weighing in at....

Nainoa had his 4 month Dr. visit today and he weighed in at 18 lbs. 14 oz!!! Just two ounces shy of 19 pounds. He is 25 1/2 inches long. Dr. Moore said he looks really gooood and said, "Wow! He's uuuuuge!" (He doesn't pronounce his H's like my friend Elo) Doc also said I could start him on solids if I wanted but I just don't think I am ready. Nainoa got his 2nd DTAP shot and didn't cry, just a small whimper. arms will hopefully look like Rocky's just by picking up my son! Who needs to lift weights when I have my Big Buddah boy???

Sunday, September 20, 2009

4 Months!!!

Nainoa is 4 months old today! These past few weeks his eye hand coordination really improved. He is using his right as equally as he is using his left now. Since Eye is still on tour with Stomp, Nainoa has been hanging out with Lolo a lot. I love that my Dad carries my son all over the house in the sling. I love watching Nainoa's face light up when my Dad walks in the room. His hands and legs flail and his eyes go real big. He's definitely much more grabby with his hands. My hair has to be up or else I would have bald spots in my head from him grabbing and pulling my hair. Today we had a great day. We video chatted with Daddy and his girlfriend Pema today. He actually has face recognition while video chatting. It's crazy to think that as Naiona grows up video chatting will be just the normal way to communicate. Who knows...maybe we'll be able to teleport by the time he has his first computer!
Who needs toys when you have Scotties tissue box?
Trying how to teach him how to drum so that he can catch up with the other Stomp babies.

Today he is really into his toes. Hanging out with Lolo a lot in his P-sling.

Kea snuggling with Nainoa.

Leader of the pack.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


really mommy? really?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hau'oli La Hanau Tutu!!

Just wanted to send some aloha to Nainoa's Tutu Charlotte on her birthday today! I can't believe how much he is grown since she last saw him right after he was born. Eye is doing Stomp in Hawaii over Christmas and New Years and we are both going to join him. We can't wait for him to see Tutu again and meet his other ohana. Hau'oli la Hanau Tutu! We love you and we can't wait to see you on Christmas Day!

taken May 25th

Nainoa loves his bumbo seat.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Moby Models

photo from Moby Wrap

Today Nainoa and I went down to the Las Vegas Convention center to model Moby Wraps at the ABC Kids Expo. In exchange for our modeling we got a free Moby. I have one already (thanks Mish), but I wanted another one in a different color. I forgot to take pictures of us today in the booth in our new black carrier. I am a big fan of Moby Wrap not only because the wraps are awesome, but also because they support the Coalition For Improving Maternity Servicies. Ricki Lake and Abby Epstien, the creators of The Business of Being Born and My Best Birth, created their own Moby wrap. With the purchase of one of these special wraps a donation is made to CIMS. I am so excited to rock our new fall Moby! Photos to come. :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

15 Weeks: The Wake Up Series

Nainoa just gets cuter and cuter. I love when he wakes up, recognizes me, then smiles. It melts my heart every time......

He likes to sleep on his side sometimes.

Slowly opening his eyes.."Hey...I know you..."

"I do! I do! Know you!!!"

"YAY!!! Booby lady! I'm hungry!!!"

Friday, September 11, 2009

Lolo's Slinging

Lolo use to be able to put Nainoa to sleep in his arms while singing his special "Parump" song. Since it hasn't been working lately, Lolo asked me to show him how to use the sling. Once he put it on and started to sing his song Nainoa fell straight to sleep! It really helps to have those extra arms. Eye left for tour this week. He'll be gone for three weeks. Thank goodness for Lolo and Lola! We are so lucky! Love you Lolo.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

To Cloth or Not to Cloth

pic from FuzziBunz

Sigh.....I really want to be nicer to mother earth and use cloth diapers for Nainoa. I REALLY DO. But I just can't seem to get it together and make the plunge. I have no idea what cloth diapers really entail. There are so many different types that it just confuses me. All my parent friends have different opinions. Some say it's super easy and other say they just couldn't deal with it. My mom did it back in the day when they had no disposables. Why can't I? Am I just lazy? Do I not care about the earth enough? Aren't I saving water by using Earth's Best diapers? Lazy or not, I am definitely a class type of person. I need to take a class so I can learn the ins and outs of things but every time I look at the Well Rounded Mama schedule I miss the cloth diapering class. Well this morning on one of my favorite blogs, Pacing the Panic Room, they are doing a give away of FuzziBunz. All you have to do is link FuzziBunz on your blog. So here it goes, hopefully I will win so that the decision is just made for me and I'll become that cloth diapering I envision myself to be.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Seeing Double

My 9 year old twin nieces came for a visit and stayed for almost three weeks. We had such a
great time. It was so cute to watch Nainoa look at them"Hey.....wait a minute...there are two of you!" I tried to keep the girls creatively busy while they were here so when they weren't in the pool or helping Lola in the kitchen I had them write and illustrate a book for Nainoa. They LOVED the project and were really into it. After they were done we went to UPS and I had each page laminated. Their books came out really cute and I think I'll have the girls create a book every time they come visit. Here are some photos of their week here.

Kea just HAD to get into the photo.

The Three Little Ducks by Dorian and The Giant Who Couldn't Sleep by Gillian

Reading IS fundamental and Nainoa loved being read to by his cousins.

Lola was so happy to have ALL of her grandchildren under one roof!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

14 weeks and Aruba

Nainoa is 14 weeks today. He's been doing this new thing with his arms. He makes a fists and stretches at his arms out. He also has been staring at his hands. He really like to sit up now because he wants to check everything out.

onsie provided by Jen M

"i'm OVER it!"

Since Nainoa has been laughing a lot more, my goal of the day is to do anything to make him laugh. His favorite word this week is "Aruba." He thinks it's sooooo funny. I think he likes the rolling "r" sound. Oh and Daddy is actually going to Aruba with Dan for a private party. I wish we could go too!

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