Thursday, July 29, 2010

Marley and Nainoa. Sharing is Caring???

Remember when Marley and Nainoa were just little fat babies? Gone are the days where we can sit them in their diapers and take pictures of them.

Nainoa had been hitting. Yes, it has begun. I seriously have nightmares about the word, "GENTLE." I know he is frustrated because he doesn't have full use of language to express himself and hopefully he will grow out of it. But his Gines temper is causing me some serious anxiety when we are around other toddlers. Why it gotta my kid hitting at the playground?

Play date at an indoor playground in Sherman Oaks. Marley is about dunk on 9.

Dejavu? Seriously one week later at Skender's party the boys are in the same position with a beach ball. 9 got so mad and sucker punched Marley in the head when he wasn't looking! (sigh..great..why it gotta be my kid???) Marley didn't even flinch. Thank goodness we are all friends and are going through this at the same time.

Happy 1st Birthday Skender!

Another beautiful boy turned one last weekend. Skender Laybourne, son of Prototokyo leader and creator of the Love Regime, Sam Laybourne and wife Herran. Skender is such a beautiful, mellow, scrumptious baby who I wished Nainoa could play with more. I dream of Skender, Marley, Pema, Dru and River running around the beaches of L.A. in the "Born in '09 Crew."

We celebrated Skender's birthday at the Annenberg Community Beach House. We got there at 11 am and left at 5pm. We had such the perfect day filled with my Proto family. We laughed in the sun, played in the pool and even had yummy sandwiches from Bay City Italian Deli. It was such a perfect day. Ivan kept saying, "Can we PLEASE move back now?" Yes day.

My boys

This taken the day before at Topanga Canyon Beach

Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Kaiyayai!

Happy 3rd Kaiyaiayi!

"All the single ladies, all the single ladies..." by Alvin and the Chipmunks

Waiting patiently for cupcakes.


Little people eating cupcakes.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Circle of Life

I apologize for the lack of posting. A couple of weeks ago my Uncle Sol had a stroke and then a week later my Uncle Dan (shown above) had pneumonia and a heart attack. He passed two days ago while we were celebrating Kaiyaiyai's 3rd birthday in San Francisco. Thankfully I was with surrounded by my favorite people when I found out the news. With all this life happening all around me I feel like I am on really fast train that I cannot stop. I just want to stop time and hug Lola and Lolo and say, "Please promise me you'll be here for ever." But as we know time does not stop for anyone. I am trying to be present more than ever now, especially with my parents. I vowed to myself not take anytime that we share for granted because we only have such a short time here.

I so glad that I was able to capture this picture of Uncle Dan reaching to touch Nainoa's chubby arms. I remember him saying in Tagalog, "Look how big he is!" I remember taking this picture because I liked how the light was shining on Uncle Dan. Now he is with that light. Rest in peace Uncle.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Cute as a BUTTon

Since it's been 1,000,000 degrees here in Vegas Nainoa and I have been swimming almost everyday. I usually wait around 1pm so that there is shade by the steps where he likes to play with his cups. I always lather him up with my hippie dippy organic SPF 45 twenty minutes before so it doesn't wash off as soon as we get in the pool. I was so surprised to see his tan lines yesterday! My little hapa haole baby may look like a little brown Hawaiian after all.
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