Thursday, March 8, 2012

Unexpected hair cut

I came home from a long day at school to find out that Nainoa had his first hair cut. Without me. Lolo decided that it was okay to just "trim" Nainoa's bangs. As you can see in the photo above that is not just a ''trim." I have never ever cut his hair. He has gone almost 3 years without a hair cut. I wasn't planning onto until the time was right. I had it all planned out. We would go to my sister's salon in L.A. , I would take a video, take some photos, make a little movie and document the whole thing. It has taken me about 2 days to get over this hair cut incidence. I know Lolo just meant well. Lately Nainoa has been obsessed with this cartoon, Sinbad the Sailor.

Somewhere in the movie someone says, "get a haircut." Of course Nainoa has been saying "get a haircut" or "I want a haircut" or "cut my hair mommy." In no way did I think I would come home to see my son's bangs trimmed like Betty Boop.

The worst part of the whole thing is that Lolo didn't even save the hair. Lola started to dig in the trash to try and find it. That just made it worse. I was so angry that I filled up with tears and cried silently. I'm sure Lolo didn't even think about it. I mean it's probably just a mom thing to do anyway. Sigh. It's just I felt that the "first haircut" thing was taken away from me. It was an important event that I wanted to be a part of. There are so many benefits of my parents living with us, the list goes on and on. I could not have been able to go school. Eye could not be on the road right now if it wasn't for my parents. I know how lucky I am. But sometimes a mom has just got to vent. Right? Thanks for listening. I think I am truly over it now. Thank goodness Nainoa is so damn cute.


Diva Las Vegas said...

Oh Xing!!! I am so sorry that you weren't able to have that first haircut experience. And yes, Nainoa is so cute, even in the Betty Boop bob (that cracked me up). However, going to a professional salon will still be an event, because you have the whole chair and the smock and the atmosphere. So you can still have his first "professional" haircut experience and document it. I think the two are very different - hair cut at home by Lolo and professional haircut in Gloria's LA salon. He still hasn't had a professional haircut. So, don't fret my friend. I miss you SO MUCH!!!!! Wish we could be there.

Diva Las Vegas said...

By the way, I do get how devastating it must have been to come home and see your plans to share a monumental event with your son crushed in an instant by someone you love so much. I hope my previous comment didn't seem dismissive of how sad and angry you were. I was just trying to make lemonade out of that big ol' lemon. Pobresita!!! Okay, miss you!

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