Monday, June 4, 2012

Stomping around

Has it been two months since my last post??  Yikes!  Where have I been?  Well I finished my straight A semester on May 16th, Nainoa turned 3 on May 20th (pictures to come), then I started my 40 hour a week internship at a skilled nursing facility on May 21st.   I have been experiencing what it is like to work a from 6:30 am-3:00 pm everyday, Monday - Friday.  I still try and teach my Pilates clients a few times a week plus hula so my time with Nainoa and Eye are very limited.  Weekends are golden to me.  So I again have no time to catch up!

I wanted to post this video of 9oa doing Stomp.  I did not prompt him to find the pot covers.  He did this on his own and I just coaxed him a little because as you know, they always stop doing the best stuff when the camera comes out.  In about 15 years he can audition for the show :)

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