Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Band and their Boys

One day about 18 months ago Eye went to a Dan Band rehearsal in L.A. One by one all the band members outed that their wives were pregnant. Einar (not shown here) plays bass and his boy is 7 months older than all the other boys. All the boys in the band had boys of their own all at the same time. They were all born in May and June. It was so nice to finally get all the boys together. Reason 2,384 to move back to L.A. one day.

Drummer, Keys, and Guitar
Ivan & Nainoa, Byron & Wilder, Marc & River

River, Nainoa and Wilder
(look how big Nainoa is compared to the other boys)

Happy 1st River!

We were watching River devour his cupcake. All of a sudden Nainoa grabbed at his cupcake and the rest was history. Nainoa didn't even get real cake at his birthday! Oh well, one day isn't going to hurt. Needless to say Nainoa loved having his special treat.

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