Friday, July 2, 2010

Cute as a BUTTon

Since it's been 1,000,000 degrees here in Vegas Nainoa and I have been swimming almost everyday. I usually wait around 1pm so that there is shade by the steps where he likes to play with his cups. I always lather him up with my hippie dippy organic SPF 45 twenty minutes before so it doesn't wash off as soon as we get in the pool. I was so surprised to see his tan lines yesterday! My little hapa haole baby may look like a little brown Hawaiian after all.


Pema said...

Adorable. I just love babies' butts. My grandma taught me to hit my own butt as a joke and now I do it all the time. Hope to see you later this month!

The Best Baby said...

Hey 9! Nice Butt....... Work dat! LOLOL (inside joke with his mama)

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