Thursday, September 9, 2010

Do Fun Stuff

I have been following Pacing The Panic Room blog ever since I saw Cole's maternity series. I also fell in love with A Walk to 40 weeks. I love this blog. I love that Ryan begged his musicians friends to write songs to for an album to help raise money for Smith Magenis Syndrome. His stepson has SMS and with the power of internet Do Fun Stuff made it to number one on iTunes Children's Album chart. Eye, Nainoa and I can't stop singing track number 2, Potty Time. I haven't even made it through the whole album because Nainoa just wants to hear Potty Time. Every time the song ends he signs and says, "more..more..more." Do yourself a favor listen below and buy the album or at least buy Potty Time, because "Who wants to potty? We want to potty!"

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