Monday, September 20, 2010

South Beach

Today was Eye's first real day off in 8 days. He is been working so hard that today all he wanted to do was lay around the beach and that we did! We had a leisurely morning and rode the bus to South Beach. We hung out with Steve, Loretta and Glynnis at the beach right in front of the Delano hotel, my favorite hotel and spa in Miami. The weather was perfect. Sunny, breezy and not that humid. The water was refreshing. Nainoa loved watching the waves run over his feet. He got really into picking up and throwing sand everywhere. He had a blast playing the water and in the sand. Nainoa even took a two hour nap! I kept on thinking that the breeze and the ocean sounds must have had something to do with it. I love South Beach. So many great memories. I auditioned for Stomp here with Mish, than came back here with the show twice and now we are here again with Nainoa. Tomorrow more beach and my favorite breakfast place News Cafe!


A father and son moment.

My naked beach baby!

Knocked out for 2 hours. Love that.

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