Monday, November 29, 2010

Giving Thanks

We had a great time in L.A. last weekend. We squeezed as many friends and family as we could in the three short days we were there. I loved the fact that my whole family was together for Thanksgiving. I only wish that Nainoa hadn't burned his fingers on the floor heater at the start of the night. He screamed throughout dinner. I felt terrible and everyone felt horrible for him. (Check out Dorian's face in the family photo) Thank goodness he can communicate with us. We had a cup full of ice water and he kept on asking for it by screaming, "COLD! COLD!" You saw the relief the ice water gave him. Then he was fine and then a minute later he was screaming again wanting to dip his hand. He was fine the day after. His blisters just popped today and we are keeping it clean and putting baby Neosporin.

Dorian couldn't hide the fact that Nainoa's crying was bumming her out.

Nainoa has been hugging a lot. He LOVES to give hugs and kisses. When he sees someone his own size he yells, "HUG!" He'll rush over to them and give them a big hug. Sometimes it a bit too hard. I don't think he knows his own strength. The other day at Marley's he was hugging him so hard that Marley had enough and said, "No!" If you have Facebook check out his link of Marley and Nainoa's dance party.

Nainoa hugging Kaiyayai

Nainoa met a very good friend of mine from New York last weekend also. They hit it off. Nainoa kept wanting to see pictures of himself after Wes took them. It's so funny how quick they learn everything. After every picture he took whether it was him or not, Nainoa kept wanting to see the results. Too cute!

Nainoa and Wes

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