Sunday, November 21, 2010


Wheeewww! What an amazing L.A. week it has been. The show was success. We saw so many friends and family. The Lolos came down and stayed with us so that we can go out at night. It was great but very tiring! We went out pretty much every night. The highlight of the week was when 9 went to sound check before the show. We put on his coat tails and gave him his baby squonka so that he can join the cast. Luke (co-creator of Stomp & Pandemonium) a.k.a. BusterConductor got inspired to get dressed and do a photo shoot with 9. It was a perfect way to start the night. 9 was so happy. He loved the show. He stayed up past his bed time and almost watched the whole thing. He was so good during the show although he did cry out, "DADDA!!!" during the quietest moment. I love that he loves the show. I love that he loves drumming, squokaphoning and shaking. Sigh...I love my son.

9 with the cast of Pandemonium

9 squaring off with BusterConductor

Playing together in harmony!

Dueling it out.

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