Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beach! Beach! Beach!

With only 5 more weeks to go we have been trying to take advantage of going living so close to the beach. In 5 weeks time we will be in 110 degree desert weather with no beach around. Nainoa loves being here and has grown so much with all these new experiences. He is talking so much. People can't believe it when I tell them he is just two years old.
Thins he's been saying lately.

Mommy what are you doing?

Mommy come sit with me please.

Daddy got frustrated with the dishes.

Have a good show!!!

Come on let's go!

I want to go to work too! (Usually with tears streaming down as we are leaving for work)

I want to run Mommy.

Things he has been doing lately.

He loves to pretend cook. He likes to put his animals in a bowl and make cake, pancakes or mac n cheese.

He loves to help wash the dishes or help me cook.

He loves to color on everything BUT paper.

He loves loves loves to jump. He especially loves to jump off of things like stairs, buckets, the bed or piles of sand.

Here are some of snap shots of our time at the beach.

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