Friday, August 19, 2011

Left It On The Plane

We finally made it home. It has been a few days and we are all struggling to get over jet lag. Nainoa was pretty good on the plane. There were a few moments he lost it but overall everyone around us were pretty happy!

I have officially stopped nursing. In the last month in Oz we were only nursing at nap time. I kept telling Nainoa that when we got to Vegas there will be no brrmm brrmm. The parrot that he is repeated it back to me several times. I told him that he can have as much as he wanted on the plane but when we got to Vegas that was it. On the plane he said to me, "I can have brrmm brrmm, but no brrmm brmm in Vegas."

It has been two days and he has only asked twice. My reply has been, "Sorry Nainoa we left it on the plane. We are in Vegas now so that means no more brrmm brrmm." He just kind nods but then he takes out my boob and says, "I just want to lay on it," then proceeds to put his ear down on directly boob. My boobs have become his comfort blanket. I am okay with that for now. I thought I was going to be more emotional about it, but I am really okay with it. I still can feel close to him without nursing.

Tomorrow I am going to visit my BFF and her new baby boy in San Francisco. BY MYSELF. Yes, I am taking a trip without Nainoa for 4 nights and 3 days. Gulp. I am nervous and excited at the same time. How will I do?? I have only left him for one night. Eye will have the Lolos and the twinsies to help him out.

Lots of change is going here. All for the good.

Last sunrise from our apartment in the Gold Coast

Donating our toys. Poor Rudy looks so dejected.

Look at all of our stuff we brought home!!

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