Friday, December 19, 2008

Drum roll please...

It's a boy!!!!   This past week has been such a roller coaster!!!  First off one of my pregnancy test called AFP came back "abnormal".  (Turns out that test usually comes back abnormal even though there is nothing wrong)  My OB suggested I see a perinatal specialist to possibly get an amniocentesis  since I was "high risk."  To make a loong story short I only had .25 percent chance of my baby having Down Syndrome, so I decided not to go ahead with the amnio. Why risk having a miscarriage when there is a 99.75 percent chance my baby is perfectly fine.  I feel so much better now that we saw the baby.  It was such a trip to see inside the boy!  His heart, his hands, his aorta, his hip bones, his brain, his lips and his pee pee was soooo amazing. It's finally feeling real.  Eye was tripping out.  He said he was trying hard not to loose it in the room.  The ultrasound technician was great and she said our baby looks perfect.  Soooo relieved.  I am so thankful also for my wonderful girlfriends who calmed me down those 2 days.  Thank you Mish, Elo, and Birdie.  

Both Ivan and I had dreams that it was a boy.  I am just so thankful that he has all his parts and that so far he is healthy.  As for names we haven't even started.  Maybe we'll get inspired when we go to Hawaii in January! 

Check out the boy's hand on his forehead.  He looks like he's posing!


The Best Baby said...

yeah!!!!! We are going to have a rock band of Stomp Baby Boys!!!!!

hopefulinav said...

Hello Coralissa,
It's Melinda Strommer. So glad to see your beautiful baby boy. I totally understand the pregnancy drama... We decided to not do the screening because of the false positives. We decided to do the amnio due to my advanced age(ha). The risk of miscarriage for the amnio is less than the CVS. I am visual learner so I have to see his/her genetic blue print. Since I work with children with special needs I have to know what to expect. We are very excited for the both of your and look forward to watching your progress.
I totally see your bump in your 4 month photo and your boobs look huge!
Have a wonderful Christmas and a great time in Hawaii in January.

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