Saturday, April 11, 2009

Doula Search

This week we are on the search for our doula.  The word "doula" come from the Greek meaning, " a women who serves."  Basically it is a women who supports the mother before and after her birth.  She doesn't replace the husband, she just basically supports both of them.   To find out more about doulas you can go to the DONA website.   We plan on interviewing 2-3 different doulas before we decide.   They are all coming from my favorite place Well Rounded Momma.  My midwife also works out of the same place.  We had our 2nd visit last Thursday.  It was great.  She actually went over my blood work with me that I did last October (something that my OB never did).   The visit lasted about 45 minutes.  So different than the in and out visits that I had with my regular OB.   Eye was there this time and when we did exam he felt the head too.  It was sooo fun to watch his face.  We also started our Lamaze classes last week.  It finally hit me that I am about to give birth.   I kinda freaked out a bit a couple of nights ago.   I woke up at 5:00 am and couldn't go back to sleep.  But my Lamaze teacher gave me a book to borrow,  Journey Into Motherhood, Inspriational Stories of Natural Birth, by Sheri L. Menelli.  I haven't been able to put it down.  It's really giving me the courage to know that I can do this.  Birth is a natural process and if I can just let go and surrender to the birthing process, I'll be okay.  Thousands of women have done it before me without the convenience of a hospital or drugs.  I just have to trust myself, let go and let God.


Mrs. D said...

Natural all the way!!! I did it with Bradley and Brandon!!! They wouldn't let me go all natural with Brogan...but I wanted to so badly! It's an AWESOME experience....painful...I won't lie...but sooooo worth it!!

spunkyroc said...

Hey Girl! I went to Well Rounded Mama on Wednesday for my first pre natal yoga class. I really like that place! Love your pregger look so beautiful!!!


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