Friday, April 17, 2009

Halau Hula O Kaleimomi

I just watched my halau compete at the Merrie Monarch Festival.  It's like the Olympics of hula competitions.  The event is held in Hilo, Hawaii.  (I watched it on the internet  I cried the whole time.  I was so proud of them!!!!  They were so amazing.   It is their first time at the competition.  It is such an honor to even be at the event and compete.  I couldn't help but think what it would have been like to be there.  As they finished performing, I was yelling and clapping like I was there and the boy kicked as if he said, "Yea!!!!" too!  At that moment I remembered back in the summer when I found out our halau got invited to Merrie Monarch (which is HUUUGE).   I didn't know if we should try and conceive or not.  I really wanted to have a baby but I also wanted to experience the incredible journey with my kumu and my hula sisters. Eye was really supportive at the time.   He wanted me to have both of course and he basically let me choose.  After going back and forth in my head,  I basically let go and let God decide.  Although I really wanted to be a part of the beauty I watched tonight,  I am so happy and thankful that it worked out the way it did.   I am going to be a mother to this little boy inside me!!!!!

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