Friday, August 14, 2009

The Best!

These past two days we spent it with the Bests. It was so nice being with our BFFN again. I miss them so much. I really wish we lived in L.A. especially after hanging out these past two days. It was so nice to be together with our babies. It's such a trip to look back on our lives and see our journey to where we are now. We all met in the show, met our significant others, got engaged in the same year, got married in the same year and had boys in the same year. Now we live 4 hours apart which totally sucks. I felt sad in my heart when we had to say goodbye. I love you Bests, thank you for still being a part of our lives.

1 comment:

The Best Baby said...

Lisa,Eye &9
It was our pleasure to have you in our home.We are honored to have you as bffn's....To share and grow with you over the past 13yrs we have known you.We love you and will do our best to make you guys come back to least a G a week. Then were Quiltin. ;)

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