Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sling sleeping

Nainoa has been LOVING his P-sling lately. It's the only way I can put him down.
I love this photo. He's looks so peaceful sleeping.

He also has found his thumb and has been soothing himself back to sleep.
I can't tell which photo I like better. What about you?

***Update: I sent in this picture to P-Sling at they used it on their blog! Yay click here to see the post.


Leigh said...

Ahhhh! So cute I can't stand it!!!
What an angel.

The Best Baby said...

WoW! picture of the year!!!!! speachless.

josieandherlittlekitties said...

I vote for the thumb-sucking one. he looks so peaceful and adorable!

Diva Las Vegas said...

I can't pick between them either, they are both gorgeous pics, they look so professional - you take really good pics!

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