Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Skender!

Another beautiful boy turned one last weekend. Skender Laybourne, son of Prototokyo leader and creator of the Love Regime, Sam Laybourne and wife Herran. Skender is such a beautiful, mellow, scrumptious baby who I wished Nainoa could play with more. I dream of Skender, Marley, Pema, Dru and River running around the beaches of L.A. in the "Born in '09 Crew."

We celebrated Skender's birthday at the Annenberg Community Beach House. We got there at 11 am and left at 5pm. We had such the perfect day filled with my Proto family. We laughed in the sun, played in the pool and even had yummy sandwiches from Bay City Italian Deli. It was such a perfect day. Ivan kept saying, "Can we PLEASE move back now?" Yes day.

My boys

This taken the day before at Topanga Canyon Beach


The Best Baby said...

What an awesome weekend!!!!!! Miss you guys. xoxox

Diva Las Vegas said...

It was an awesome weekend...oh wait, I wasn't there! Silly me! Miss you guys!

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