Monday, August 9, 2010

11 days till 15 months

Now that my online Political Science summer class is over, I feel like I can post more often. (I got an A in the class from an instructor who rarely gives A's ) I haven't written much about Nainoa's milestones lately. I feel like over night he decided to talk. I was seriously worried that he was never going to say anything but "BALL!" So here are the words he can say.
  • Mamma (I melted the first time he actually said it with intention)
  • Wanamelo (watermelon)
  • 0-0 ba (Coco Puffs...yes I let him try it..bad Mom)
  • Peeth (Peas)
  • Uh-oh
  • Dis (this...said like a true Pilipino)
  • Dat (I think he seriously is going to have the Lolos accent)
  • Koko (kiko)
  • Hiiyeee (hi)
  • Gapes (grapes)
  • Ow-Ow (dog)
  • Bak-Bak (chicken)
  • Babuls (bubbles)
  • Boo-k (it's very cute because he says the word like it's a two syllable word)
  • Giyan (Gillian)
  • Dooyan (Dorian)
  • Brrrmmmba (ambrosia which is my word for breast milk..that story in another post)
I finding myself controlling my swear words because he is such a parrot. Nainoa is basically running everywhere. He never just walks anywhere. He runs full blast. My twin nieces are here and he loves playing with them. They are such a great help now that Eye is gone for 10 weeks. Nainoa also loves to climb our stairs. There are 14 un-carpeted stairs that leave bruise marks on his legs because he climbs them so much. He is getting better with the scoot, sit, stand on the way down but he still needs an extra hand.

Nainoa is getting too heavy for the sling so we decided we needed an alternate way to put him to sleep to save our backs, especially Lolo's. We are also going to visit Dadda on the road and we probably will get a babysitter for at least one night so that I can see the show. Two nights ago I breast fed him until he was almost a sleep and then I put him in the crib and started to pat his back. He cried and protested for 45 minutes. I kept singing, continued to pat his back, and gave him kisses when he stood up. I had to keep laying him on his side over and over again. The crying was killing me especially now that he can say, "Mamma." When he finally went to sleep I knew that he didn't need ambrosia to fall asleep, he could actually do it himself. The second night after our bedtime routine I put him in his crib after I nursed and started to sing and pat. He rolled around, stood a few times and actually started talking and singing. He slept in 20 minutes! No crying! I was so excited that today I decided to do the sing/pat for his nap and he fell asleep in 30 minutes. Whoa! Tonight I had to teach so Lolo put him to bed with a little of slinging then transfered awake and did the sing/pat. After 10 minutes he went to sleep. I still love to nurse and don't plan on weaning just yet but if he doesn't need it for a nap or to bed I feel like that's half the battle.


The Best Baby said...

Proud of you Cora!!!!! You are doing a great job. You are a Great MOmmy!!!!!

Diva Las Vegas said...

That is great! That gives me hope : )

Pema said...

I'm so proud of you too! I'm totally inspired to do this for Pema too. It's entirely too easy to keep sticking a boob in the mouth but it's just not practical...

And can't wait to hear his words. BTW Pema loves the ABC video. She smiles and says "Nai No!" everytime I put it on.

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

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