Thursday, August 26, 2010

15 Months

We spent Nainoa's 15 month day at My Gym and the Natural History Museum. He loved running around My Gym. He especially loved hanging in the ball pit. His language skills are increasing everyday. It's so cool to watch his communication skills grow. His new words this weeks are "down" and "butt" and "Rora (Lola)." Today he actually gave me a real hug. I melted. I love those moments. I love my son. I love being a Mom!

Ball pit at My Gym

Practicing his dunking skills for his next meet up with Marls.

Twinsies with King Tut


The Best Baby said...

Yay!!! Words! REAL Hugs.....when you feel their fingers wrapped aroud your neck!!!!! 'Thats what lifes about!

Diva Las Vegas said...

Aw what a cutie! He is getting so big. I love his hair. Don't they have a way of melting your heart like no one else?! Sigh. I happened to open Skype this morning and saw you were on but it said "Sleeping" and I was afraid to wake you and/or Nainoa up, so I didn't do anything. I miss you! I wish you could visit us, you would like our new place.

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