Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chuckie Cheeeese

Nainoa's not sure if he likes Chuck.

Isabella and Nainoa

Nainoa had a play date with Isabella last week at Chuckie Cheese. (Your still number one Pema) Nainoa had a fun riding the kiddie rides and he actually really loved trying to play ski ball. He kept on saying "BAALLL...BAALLLL." He wasn't even afraid of the animatronic Chuckie Cheese or the real Chuckie. Maybe this means we can take him to Disneyland soon!

***Sleep update.
So after the first three days of me putting him in the crib awake and him magically falling asleep by rubbing his back and singing....yea not so much after that. The other night Nainoa fell of the bed. I almost had a heart attack but he was fine despite fall onto the wood floor. I usually transfer when I go to bed but Eye isn't home and he rolled off on his side. UGH. So now I have to figure out how to keep in the crib all night without needed to nurse or just buy a railing or buy lots of cushy pillows for my hard floors. I really don't mind nursing while co-sleeping but I don't think I will be happy person if I have to wake up, get out of bed and nurse back to sleep. Sigh....what to do...what to do.....

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Pema said...

Chuckie Cheese?! Did your mom let you eat pizza? I was almost jealous when seeing this picture so I'm glad you clarified my status.

My mom's still nursing me to sleep too and I'm still digging breastmilk. When are we gonna wean ourselves off the boob? My guess is we'll like boob for another 3 months at least and then start changing our minds after that.

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