Thursday, January 27, 2011


Nainoa 7 months January 2010 , Hukilau Beach, Oahu.

I can't believe we are leaving tomorrow for Hawaii! All week I have been prepping Nainoa about how we are going on an airplane to visit Tutu in Hawaii. I tell him who he's going to meet what we are going to do. How he's going to sit on Mommy and Daddy's lap the whole 6 hours. (One can dream right?) He's been repeating the story back to me in his own words like, "Tutu airplane...Wiki bus...get off airplane...Uncle Verge guitar...Uncle Kipe hula....Popo" etc. So hopefully it will be smooth sailing tomorrow. I wrapped a few new books and travel doodle thing. I downloaded a few episodes Yo Gabba Gabba. Since he's never seen the a full episode, maybe that will kill 24 minutes and 36 seconds of hour 6 hour journey. Lots of snacks and lots of patience. I'll let all you know how it goes! ALOHA!


Diva Las Vegas said...

that is such a cute picture - i was confused, because it says 2011 under the pic, i thought, "Oh he must have gotten a hair cut" but then i saw the age, and realized that it's a baby pic from last year - he has gotten so big now! i wish our boys could chill together on the beach. one day, one day! i love you.

Pema said...

Have a great time in Hawaii! Your trip sounds like it'll be so much fun and I can't wait to hear how Nainoa does on the plane. 6 long hours... I hope they fly by!

The Best Baby said...

have a great time.....don't forget he will sleep for a couple hours......hopefully. :) Have a great time. take lots of pictures of 9, the beach and those delicious lunch plates and snow cones!!!!!! I can just taste it now. :)

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