Sunday, January 23, 2011

January '11

January is almost over and lot's of things have been happening over here. Nainoa's language is growing everyday. He is getting really good with 3 syllable words. He can finally say his name correctly. Instead of "Noa" he can say "Nainoa." He can say simple 3 word sentences like "Take off shoes.", "Nainoa hold it." He still hitting, shooting, carrying any sort of ball. He loves looking at pictures of family and friends. His favorite picture album is from our wedding in Maui. I am so excited to go to Hawaii next Friday. We will be there for 2 glorious weeks. I am a little nervous about the flight but at least Eye will be there. We have been talking a lot about getting on the airplane to visit Tutu. Hopefully it will be smooth flying. (fingers crossed)

Visiting Byron at Southpoint Hotel. He was in town playing with his mother-in-law
Connie Stevens. Nainoa had a blast playing with Wilder (1o days younger). He especially had fun playing with Wilder's older brother.

Nainoa loves to give hugs. Sometime they are too hard. Wilder wasn't feeling it.

Nainoa is really into this Jack-In-The-Box toy lately.

My adventurous boy loves the park, especially these tunnels.

He is getting so tall!

Ahhhh the joys of co-sleeping. Poor Eye always gets the feet in the neck.

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