Thursday, June 9, 2011

Burleigh and Kirra Beach

We have been trying to take advantage of living close to so many beautiful beaches here in the Gold Coast. These pictures don't do these beaches justice. Nainoa loves being at the beach and so do we. Boy, I can really get use to this.

Burleigh Beach is a great surf beach with an awesome playground.
We took a bus ride to here so we 9 can watch Daddy surf.

At home 9 will take a long pillow under his arm and pretend he
is carrying a surf board under his arm like his Daddy.

"Where's Daddy and Uncle RJ go?"

We rented a car on our day off and took a drive to
another famous surf spot, Kirra Beach.

There was miles and miles of sand that just called
for Nainoa to run as far as he could.

What a beautiful sight.

I often wonder if Nainoa will remember this amazing time when
we lived here in the Gold Coast. At least I'll have these photos to show him.

1 comment:

Pema said...

Beautiful pictures! What an incredible opportunity you guys had in Australia and what an amazing time you guys are having.

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