Monday, June 6, 2011

Kangaroos and Koalas

Before Tutu left we took the whole family to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. We all wanted to see some koalas and kangaroos since we were in Australia. We had a great day walking around and seeing all the animals not to mention some cool aboriginal dancers. Before we left for Oz Nainoa watched some scene of a Crocodile Dundee movie with Lolo that got him obsessed with the aborigines. He kept saying, "painted on the face here, here, here." He was so excited to see them perform. The dancers were totally awesome and now Nainoa is obsessed with digeridoos.

Don't worry Uncle Dan this isn't a real crocodile.

Soft koalas.

Momma and baby roo too!

Up close and personal with Rudy the Roo.

Nainoa all star strucked standing next to a real aboriginal dancer!

1 comment:

Pema said...

What fun adventures you're having Nainoa! I love kangaroos and koalas and you're so lucky to see them and touch them.

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