Sunday, June 19, 2011

Brisbane Business

Twice in one week we drove up to Brisbane (Ivan drove not me. He is an excellent driver on the wrong side of the rode). On Tuesday we went to see Yo Gabba Gabba. Nainoa loves Yo Gabba Gabba. He was so excited to go see the show but of course after the hour drive and hour wait he then turns and says to me, "I wanna go home!" HUH?? We are FRONT ROW at Yo Gabba. Nainoa gets up and starts running down the aisle toward the exit. This is not happening right now. After much distraction, hence the Muno doll, the show finally started and he was totally stoked.

Thursday we went to see Walking With Dinosaurs. We started to prep Nainoa on how the dino show might be loud. We practiced putting his hands over his ears so he wouldn't get scared. We looked at the trailer a bunch of times. I would say, "K...what do we do when the dinosaur roars and it's too loud?" He then would cover his ears. I was a little nervous on how Nainoa would react to these huuuge, life size, amazingly real looking dinosaurs. He did awesome. Didn't cry. Wasn't scared at all. He did cover his ears a few times in the beginning but then he just got used to it. When the T-Rex came on stage he yelled, "T-REX!!!!!" at the top of his lungs. If this show is ever near you you must go.

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