Wednesday, July 1, 2009

6 weeks

Today Nainoa is 6 weeks. He's changing everyday. He is definitely more alert. His eyes are more focused when looking at different objects. He's smiling, though I'm still not sure if it's involuntary or voluntary yet. He coos, grunts and tries to express himself a lot more. He went a whole day without pooping. I started to get concerned but after researching on the net and talking to my mommy friends, I found out it's pretty normal. Today he finally let loose a HUGE one. Oh my gosh! I can't believe how much came out of such a small person! Eye and I could not stop laughing. I seriously had tears streaming down my cheek just watching Eye change his poooooooopy diaper. The gag reflex was in full effect. Wow and to think they get bigger!!!!


Leigh said...

Oh, not only do the poops get bigger, they get way stinkier once the kiddos move on from the exclusive breastmilk ;)

Diva Las Vegas said...

He's so photogenic! What a cutie! Glad he finally pooped!


Pema said...

Hey you should have taken a picture of that poop! What a cutie he is.

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