Sunday, June 28, 2009

Socialize Get Down...

Onesie provided by Auntie D

Eye is still on tour with Dan but he comes home tomorrow! Although we do miss Daddy, Nainoa and I had a great day today. I started off the morning going to the gym. I did the Stair Master today and my legs are feeling it! When I came back I taught Pilates with Nainoa in the Moby. He was sooooo good. Slept through the whole session. I love when that happens! Then we cuddle up on the couch, watched Michael Jackson videos and feel asleep for 3 hours. After that we went to Bobby's for a barbeque. I am feeling a lot more comfortable driving around with him by myself. Today was my 2nd time out and about, just Nainoa and I. I like feeling independent. I know I can do it, I just have to do it more. The bbq was fun. It was just a hand full of Stomp friends. Everyone was really attentive to me. Asking if I needed anything. It was nice. We love Bobby's house because he had a great papasan swing for Nainoa and an awesome glider chair that was perfect for breast feeding. Nainoa was sooo good at the party. He just slept, ate, pooped and slept again. "What a good baby!" I love hearing that, because I do believe he is a good mellow baby. At least for now!

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Pema said...

What a freakin cutie. I can't believe hoe much he looks like Momma!

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