Wednesday, January 20, 2010

8 Months!

Nainoa is 8 months old today! Sigh...I say this every month, but it is happening WAY too fast! He's growing up to be such a little dude. Nainoa loves to talk and yell. Right now his favorite word is "dadadadadaddaddad" (of course)

He still isn't the biggest fan of eating. I wouldn't say he's a good eater just yet. He does like rice cereal with breast milk, peas and applesauce. Oh and he likes mangoes too!

He LOVES to stand now. Lolo's new favorite thing to do is count how fast he can stand. His best time is 5 seconds. Today Lolo said he stood up without hanging on for one second!

Not sure how much he weighs yet. I'm thinking he is 22.5 or maybe 23 pounds. We'll see on his 9 month pediatrician visit.

Oh we were all featured in our friend Leigh's blog. Her blog post was about Baby Cuddles.

I've been a bit overwhelmed these past couple of days. I started school on Tuesday. Hopefully in two years I can get my Physical Therapy Assistant degree. I am so thankful for Lola & Lolo's help. With Eye on tour they take care of the boy while I go to school, study, teach Pilates,Barre and blog. I seriously could not do it with out them here. I KNOW how lucky I am. Now if I can fit in sleep somewhere in this equation it will be ALL good!


The Best Baby said...

ahhhhh so fast!!!! He is so sweet!
And I'm so proud of you. xoxo

Pema said...

Nainoa is so expressive!!! And I love how he eats the railing of his pack and play. I do the same thing in my co-sleeper when I try to get up! My latest thing is rummaging through boxes and pulling things out one by one.

Diva Las Vegas said...

it does go fast!!! aw we miss u guys!

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