Sunday, January 3, 2010

The D

This has been happening the past few days. First it was just the jaw moving up and down. Then a day later the sound came out!



The Best Baby said...

Me and Marls watched and he had the biggest smile....he started saying DDDDthhhddttthh to Nainoa, so he understands. We're so proud of you 9!

Pema said...

How adorable is he!? I have been doing this for a while too and it's fun to imitate the people around me. I did it for like a week around month 6 and then took a break and decided to blow raspberries for a while. I came back to it with "ma" and "ba" and "ya" sounds about 3 weeks ago.

Diva Las Vegas said...

Isn't it exciting?!?! He's gonna be talking up a storm before you know it! He is just so cute, I just want to squeeze those cheeks! I miss you! By the way, Baby M squealed when he watched the video.

Ms.B said...

That's awesome!! Love this video!!

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