Thursday, January 28, 2010

Back to School

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. As some of you know I am back to school full time and it's NO JOKE. Every minute of the day is accounted for. I barely have time to shower, I know you mommy's out there feel me! I am LOVING school. It's hard and challenging but I feel like I am doing something for me and Nainoa. My day usually consists of waking up at 6, pilates clients starting at 7am, then put Nainoa down for a nap, study for an hour, play with the baby, try and put him down for another nap, go to school, come back from school, play with baby, either pilates client or Barre, get baby ready for bed, study study study since he's asleep by 7 or 8pm, try and stay up till 11, fall asleep reading my medical terminology book. SIGH..then start all over!

Tomorrow I fly to LA to see Eye since he's performing with STOMP at the Pantages. I can't wait to see him and my brother (who's walking baseball fields with his walker!!!). It will be a good break for me. Hopefully I will relax and not even open my books this weekend.

By the way I have to say I could not do this with out the help of The Lolos. My dad seriously spent all day with Nainoa. I could tell when I got home from Barre that he was just exhausted. I thanked him with kisses and hugs. I am so lucky. Thank you Lolo


Pema said...

You're amazing! But be careful and don't burn yourself out. And your parents are the best, huh?

Diva Las Vegas said...

Wow, that is so inspiring!!! take care of yourself!!

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