Thursday, January 7, 2010

Daddy's Ohana

It was so great for Nainoa to meet Daddy's ohana on this trip. I realized that we need to be here more. I want Nainoa to know where Daddy came from, what island life is like, how much he is loved by his ohana here. Tonight we are leaving and I am sad. I wish we lived closer. It was so nice to see the baby play with his Tutu, Grandpas, cousins, Aunties, and everyone here. Sigh...maybe we just live here part of the day.

Auntie Barabara

Nainoa is as big his 4 year old cousin Brogan!

Grandpa Del

Auntie Kathy

Uncle Jeff & Uncle David
Tutu Charlotte


Diva Las Vegas said...

That picture with his Grandma is BEAUTIFUL!!! Ok, one day, we must take a family trip there together, hubbies and kids - I can't believe being as close as Vegas (well closer than NY) I STILL didn't get to Hawaii. I've wanted to go since the Brady Bunch went there in the 70's!!

The Best Baby said...

Aloha Liss,
Ugghhh why is it our families live so far away on the most beautiful islands in the world!!!! Ughhhhhhhh LOL . All kidding aside I got back today too and I know how you feel. Nainoa look so at home. :)
love u

Ms.B said...

Love this post and all the pics!! You're supermom!! I don't know how you do it!? You're so disciplined at updating!!

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