Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Future Stompers

This past weekend we went to L.A. to visit Eye. Nainoa came down with a cough and we basically stayed in the hotel Friday & Saturday since it was raining. Sunday he felt better so we went to Marley's 1st birthday party. It was so good to see my old Stomp crew with their kids. I loved seeing the Stomp Daddy's jam with their sons. So precious. Happy Birthday Marls!

Auntie Ameenah
Auntie Fiona


jim said...

The Wilkes-Mills were there?! SIgh... I'm so sad I couldn't be there.

Diva Las Vegas said...

Wow, Stomp has so much TESTOSTERONE, even in the next generation! Where are the little girls, LOL?! They're there but still outnumbered, just like the show. Aw man, I am so jealous that we weren't there, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! It looks like it was a beautiful day! It is FREEZING out, and we are bracing for another blizzard! I miss you!

The Best Baby said...

we missed you guys to......you were there in spirit with us. xoxox We felt the love!

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