Saturday, February 20, 2010

9 9 9noa

Nainoa is 9 months today! I can't believe that 9 month ago today he was almost born at home and nine months before that Eye had that clairvoyant dream! What a trip these 27 months have been. Nainoa is such a wonderful baby. I am so lucky that he is ours. I don't know how else to explain the way I feel about him. I just love him so much! Okay enough lovey dove. New things happening are:
  • LOVES to practice standing. He longest standing on his own was 18 seconds.
  • He is getting into eating. Fav foods are peas, sweet potatoes, oatios, organic puffs, pears and apples and of course his momma's milk.
  • He wakes himself up at night practicing standing up. It seems like every couple of hours he is standing up in his crib, crying. I don't know what to do about it. Is it just another phase that will pass?
  • His fav words are "DADADADADADADA" he can say "mmmaaamma" but he says "dadada" much more. He is so much more vocal these days.
  • He definitely has separation anxiety. When I come home, say hi and leave the room to go wash my hands he has a FIT!
  • Nainoa is down to 2 naps now. He goes to bed around 6:30 pm and wakes up at 6:30 am sometime 5am which really is challenging. He starts off in his co-sleeper then transfers around 11pm when I go to bed.
  • Everything goes into his mouth now. EVERYTHING. But he still has no teeth.
  • Nainoa is so happy, sociable and just so cute.
Eye comes home tomorrow! Lola and Lolo are going to galavanting since Eye will be home, so Daddy will be spending a lot of time with Naiona while I go to school and teach everywhere. Next week is our pediatrician appointment. I can't wait to see how many pounds he is now. I think he's slimming down now that he is more mobile. Sigh...I can't believe my baby is 9 months! HAPPY 9 months 9noa!!!

9 months today

9 month ago

9 months before that

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Pema said...

How time flies. I am so impressed with your skills! And I had no idea that your Daddy was clairvoyant. That's pretty cool!

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