Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine Party

My new friend, Sofia's (cute one year old with red balloon) mom, invited me to a Valentine's party at Gymboree. Nainoa LOVED it. He had such a great time. I'm debating on whether to sign us up for a weekly class. $65 dollars a month is a lot to spend for just one 45 min class once a week and open gym times that happen during his nap time. I do love the fact that Nainoa can go off and practice standing on cushy mats, climb on padded stairs and interact with other babies his age. The sharing of toys that have been in other kids mouth kinda freaked me out though. I'm taking a free class this Thursday. If he really likes it I have to seriously think about joining. I don't know...is it worth it? Is it over rated? Is good for him? Hmmmm....but he had so much fun just look at him!


The Best Baby said...

I'm so Happy Nainoa had a great time. I'm not surprised he's is such a loving and friendly baby. Maybe you can try it for 1 month.........If it doesn't break the bank or... Maybe you and a couple of the Moms can host a play date each week? .... Lay down a whole bunch of play mats and comforters!!! LOL

Diva Las Vegas said...

he looks so happy!!! ok, so, 45 mins a week, that's 180 minutes a month, or 3 hours for $65, or almost $22 an hour. Or looking at it by class, that's $16 a class (roughly 4 classes in a month). Does that help you decide, breaking it down like that? I agree with Best Baby - try it for a month if you think you can, maybe make some friends there and then do the play date thing and save some money. do they let you go month to month or do you have to join for longer?

Pema said...

WOW! He looks like he's having so much fun and he's standing on his own and balancing so well! Since we're germophobes and Pema had her first fever this week that lasted over 3 days, I'm reserved about it. Next time you come out here I'll take you to a place that is supposedly really clean and they constantly are sanitizing every surface.

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