Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The 80's and Our Future

Dana at my birthday party

JFK High School Production of Fantasticks
Dana, Gina, Marisa, Me, Chris

Within this last year so many of my high school friends have had children. Last weekend I actually had the opportunity to meet most of them. Dana Sustin and I have known each other from the first grade. (He use to chase me into the girls bathroom) We also went to junior high and high school together. We were all very close in high school. We had the best drama department in the San Fernando Valley. Last Sunday it was his son's 1st birthday party and most of my high school friends came. It was so great to re-connect with all them and meet their children! I loved watching all or our little one's play together. Reason number 1,110 why I will eventually make it back to L.A.

Dana & Payton

Patyon's 1st time eating sugar

Circle of Kids

From Left to Right
Deondray, Gina with Danielle, Marisa with Robbie, Dana with Payton,
Alexis with twins Addison & Jackson, Christopher

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