Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Amy's Playground

Today I took Naiona to Amy's Indoor Playground. It was very clean and they had lots of toys, books, bouncies and even an infant area. He had a blast crawling around touching everything. He is so into textures. I love watching him feel his way through the world first by touch and then by mouth. Nainoa loves to practice standing and he's even trying to walk. (He took 2 tiny steps at Auntie Rocky's today) He really liked playing with these trucks while standing. Naiona is so much fun to watch. I love when he's so happy playing and exploring. Hopefully we'll make it back here again with Marls & Pema before we go home.

1 comment:

The Best Baby said...

Awweeee Nainoa!!!! I am so Happy we got to spend time with you!!! 2 Steps....Way to Go!
xoxo, The Best

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