Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Nainoa is LOVING his swimming class. Yesterday we actually submerged him underwater. I was extremely nervous that he was going to swallow a bunch of water and come up hating the water. When he came up he didn't cry. He was just trying to get the water out of his eyes. Nainoa went from Dadda back to me about 3 times. We gave him lots of praise, lots of smiles and lots of high pitched yeaaas. I hid the fact that I was completely freaked out. I'm so proud of my little fish!

So the debate between the Lolos recently is actually how young I started swimming. First they told me it was 18 months. My baby album says 8 months. Lolo said I was swimming before I was walking. He said that I could barely stand on my own and that I was fearless when it came to jumping into the water.

Lola looks like she had the same fear that I had yesterday. Look at little Glo cheering me on!

My instructor at the Y was named Elaine. Thanks Elaine!

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Pema said...

I love these pictures of you!

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