Monday, April 19, 2010

Crabby Little King

Nainoa had his first fever this weekend. He was crabby, fussy, and had no appetite. I tried not to freak out because I know that a fever is our bodies way of healing itself. I learned this week from my anatomy class when the temperature in our bodies rises it means that the all the neutrophils and lymphoctyes (white blood cells) are literally eating, killing and destroying all the bad stuff. So after texting my other mamma friends (thanks everyone) all weekend I tried not to worry. Today is the first day Nainoa didn't wake up with a fever. He seems to be over his little bug.

The picture above was originally a card sent from Tutu. I wanted a Hawaiian type invitation for his baby luau next month. I think it turned out pretty funny. I am getting excited that I am going to see all my friends and ohana next month. The best part is that Tutu is coming from Hawaii!!!!!


Diva Las Vegas said...

Glad the fever is gone - that is so nerve-wrecking! I love the bday pic, by the way. SO SAD that won't be there!....BOOO....WAAAAAAAAAAA!!! But we'll be there in spirit. Can you believe he's almost 1!!?!?!?

Pema said...

I had a fever a few months back too and I had the same symptoms. I'm so glad you're feeling better now!

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