Monday, April 12, 2010

Snowwy Easter

Since Eye has been traveling with Dan every weekend we decided to tag a long since he was going to Tahoe for Easter. The best part of the trip was spending quality time Mish, Eddie and Kai. We ate, played in the snow and sat back stage with our kids and watched Uncle Danny be funny. I can't believe it was almost six months since we saw each other! It was so nice to get away and actually spend time as a family too. What a great Easer weekend.

Family photo

Can you see Nainoa's tooth?

Having breakfast with Auntie Mish and Kaiyayai

They day we left we got a lot of snow.

South Lake Tahoe

Nainoa's first concert. He fell asleep but woke up for Single Ladies. Kaiyayai stayed up just to watch that number. Everytime a song ended Kaiyayai would ask, "Is it Single Ladies yet?"

Uncle Danny feeding Nainoa

RNO to LAS. Nainoa is such a great traveler so far. He slept the whole hour an ten minutes.

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