Tuesday, April 20, 2010

11 Months!

Nainoa is 11 months today! We had a great day. We started out banging on some pots and pans. He was more interested in walking around with the pan and bowl than playing them. After he got up from a much needed nap we went to his first swim class today at Bubble Swim School. He LOVED the water. Our instructor Dominique was great. We sang songs and practiced kicking our legs, reaching and pulling with our arms, humming, getting out of the pool, and scaling the side. At one point she asked, "Is he a really calm baby or does he just love the water?" We proudly replied, "BOTH!" Apparently most babies cry their first time in the pool. The only time Nainoa fussed is when we were practicing floating on his back. By that time he was done. The 20 minutes went by really fast. I was so happy that Nainoa loved the water. I mean after all his Mommy learned how to swim at 18 months and his parents are both Pisces!

This picture is Dom trying to say Nanioa's name. She kept on saying, "Nai-oa."


Diva Las Vegas said...

wow he is really looking older!! so adorable!

The Best Baby said...

He's not afraid of the water anymore. Nainoa you are getting so big! Yay!!!

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