Friday, May 21, 2010

I love L.A.

I love being back home. Especially when my whole entire family is here for the weekend as well as my BFF.

Today we started out having breakfast at my favorite place Le Pain Quotidien with my BFF and Kaiyayai.

Auntie Michele gave us two really great books Tails and Gallop!

After our nice visit with Mish we had lunch with my brother at Mr. Baguette where Nainoa decided to drink my watered down fresh squeezed orange juice straight from the straw. It was fun watching him figure out how to drink from the straw. I think he got inspired by watching Kaiyayai drink from his straw earlier.

After everyone napped, Nainoa's Reshumasi came over. It was her first time meeting Nainoa. He loved all the the pretty necklaces she had on. It was so great to catch up with her and hear all her stories from India and London. Aaahhh what a great day. I love L.A.

1 comment:

Pema said...

You should move back here ASAP! My Mommy is currently working on your cake. I hope you enjoy it!

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