Wednesday, May 12, 2010


We went to our first wedding as a family. The wedding was beautiful and perfect in every way. I had a great time seeing my L.A. friends. Nainoa loved walking around in such an open wide space. What a memorable night.

Nick and Katey

Nainoa looked so cute in his vest and hat.

Handsome men and their boys.

Beautiful BFFNs

Prototokyo babies!


Pema said...

So handsome!!!

The Best Baby said...

It was so perfect! And so is my little 9. love you guys

Diva Las Vegas said...

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I miss you!!! 9oa is styling in his vest and hat. I wish I could have seen him walking around! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Leigh said...

Nainoa in that outfit!!!!!! Squeeeeee!!!!!!!

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