Saturday, May 15, 2010

Reflecting on Haukea

Today is Haukea's 4th birthday and it's the first birthday I didn't throw her a party. My friend Jen said last year, "Once the baby comes no more doggie parties." She was so right! We did take her to the park today and she also got a special chicken and rice birthday dinner from Lola. I keep trying to remember what I was doing days before Nainoa was born. One year ago today I had a pool party for Haukea. I invited all her doggy friends and had a doggy birthday cake. Loooook at my huuuuuge belly!!

Wheat free doggy cake with cream cheese icing from Snooty Pets

Dee and Jen staring at my huge belly.

1 comment:

Diva Las Vegas said...

oh my goodness you were so pregnant, LOL!!! that is so wild. I was looking at my pregnancy blog the other day and it is so wild to think that this long and lean boy was inside my stomach. CRAZY!! We grew boys in our stomachs!! LOL!! I miss you, so good to hear your voice today! xoxoxo

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