Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nainoa's Baby Luau

Song by Amy Hanaial'i Gillon

Love surrounds my body

Your smile comes with the tears

Proud in the sky blown mist

Dampening your cheeks

The fitful movement of the light

Near the three hau trees

Royal child, great child, small child

The home of the sea faring chiefs

Answer my royal one, rose of Maui

Strung with love

Bound in memory

For us to fulfill

Mahalo to all of you near and far for supporting us through this year


Diva Las Vegas said...

Finally!!! Geez! LOL! I CAN'T BELIEVE WE WEREN'T THERE WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Nainoa looks like his Auntie Glo, I love that pic of the two of them. Okay, gotta run, love you guys!!

Diva Las Vegas said...

Ok, so I hadn't finished watching the video when I left the first comment, cuz I was doing the show and couldn't wait to take a peek at the luau - so now, I've finished it and I have to add how BEAUTIFUL and PROUD and HAPPY you look doing your hula, and you guys just look so happy and that cake looks AWESOME, and how about those presents?!! Nainoa made out like a bandit! Happy 1st Birthday again, and I wish we were there!! Love you!

Pema said...

What a beautiful and fun party you had! I love the pictures and it's great seeing my Nai No!

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