Friday, June 5, 2009

Difference in Care

Yesterday I had two appointments, one with the OB who did my C-Section and the other one with my midwives April and Sherry.  I just wanted to note how different the care is between Dr. Bolnick and my awesome midwives.   I must say that Dr. Bolnick's nurse Stella is awesome and she really wanted to know how I was doing.  I spent most of the time talking to her.  She cooed at Nainoa and asked me how I was doing.   When Dr. Bolnick came in his visit with me lasted one minute.  I am not even kidding.  He poked around my belly and said,  "K...looks good, see you in 4 weeks."   I thought to myself,  THAT'S IT?   My abdominal was cut open and that's all your going to give me?  One minute of your time????  REALLY??  So I had to make up questions just to feel like I had some time.   No sex for 4 more weeks.  I can walk and run.  No sit ups.  I can drive.  See ya later alligator.

Sherry, Nainoa and April

I couldn't wait to see April and Sherry.   When I arrived and went to her office, we all greeted each other with hugs.  Our time together lasted almost an hour!  We weighed Nainoa and he weighs 9lbs 3oz!  He's gained two pounds since he was born.  April was saying that they like to see newborns come back to their birth weight at two weeks and Nainoa went past his.  Considering he was a NICU baby, that's pretty good!   April said I had great boobs for breast feeding and I must say I think she's right.  I lost 20 lbs. too!  :)  She asked me how breast feeding was going, how I was sleeping,  how my bleeding was,  how my emotional state was and more.   She held Nainoa the whole time.   We talked about my birth and how I was strong and I did everything I could.   A vaginal birth was just not the way Nainoa was going to come out.  It was so nice to talk to Sherry and April.  Ivan thanked them for all that they did.  I really didn't want the visit to end.  I feel so bonded with April and Sherry, even though I ended up in the hospital.  To me, they are the ones I spent the most important and memorable part of my labor.  I am definitely going to do a VBAC with my next child.  Hopefully we'll still live in Vegas because I really would love to have April, Sherry and Tiffany as my birth team.   

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Pema said...

VBAC all the way, my sista! In case you're in LA for your next birth, my Valley-based doula specializes in VBAC's.

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