Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pediasure Boobies

Yesterday we took Nainoa for his one month check-up. He already weighs 11lbs 13oz. Almost 12 pounds and he's only 5 weeks old! The nurse and the doctor were so amazed that he's gained so much weight by just my breast. They usually like to see babies double their weight by 3 months and Nainoa is 2 pounds shy of doubling his weight at 5 weeks! He is in the 90 percentile for his weight and 50 percentile for his head. (The percentile chart is based on bottle fed babies so he was extra impressed) We had to have the Dr. explain that to us because we really didn't understand what that meant. Dr. Moore said he was very healthy boy and to keep up the good work breast feeding. He also said I was making Pediasure in my breast which made us laugh. HA!! As I am blogging I am pumping my right breast and I have pumped 6oz. Six ounces off of one side! I am sooooo amazed on the female body and how it produces nourishment for it's offspring. I mean it really amazes me. Making so much milk does have it's set back though. Well it's not a big deal, but I have such a forceable let down that Nainoa spits up a lot sometimes chokes because he is getting so much milk, so fast. I've been trying different techniques that I got off of KellyMom. (Love that website.) It seems to be helping.

Eye leaves tomorrow for his east coast tour with The Dan Band. It will be his first time away from baby. I am so thankful I have my parents here!

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