Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Slinging it

My good friends sent me this P-Sling.  I have been using around the house and on short walks with Eye.  I love it!  Nainoa seems to like it.  He usually falls right to sleep as soon as I put him in and start walking around.   It's really convenient when I want him close to me but I want my hands free.  I envision me using the sling when I teach Pilates.  Hopefully he'll continue to love it as he gets older.  Thanks K, D, and A!!


Anonymous said...

Slings are the beeeessst!! I used and still use them for all the babies...AND you can breastfeed in them and use the tail as a nursing cover. And the versatility is awesome. Nainoa can practically grow up in it. Heehee! It beats lugging around a stroller and running into people's feet and ankles. I used them so much, sometimes Louis would ask me...why'd we even buy a stroller? LOL!

Leigh said...

Ooh ahh, a PSling! Those are gorgeous! I love the color of yours. You and the baby look FABULOUS (and oh-so-comfy-cozy!) Yay for babywearing!

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